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How To Hire A Plumbing Contractor

If you’re planning to hire a plumbing contractor, then it’s important to know what to look for. In order to make sure you’re hiring a responsible professional, here are a few things that will help you decide if the contractor is right for your project or needs to be checked out more thoroughly. First, ask for a copy of the contractor’s insurance policy. Make sure you’re not hiring a “scam” or “loan shark.”

What To Look For Asking a licensed contractor for proof of liability is a wise move. This will allow you to protect yourself in case of any accidents happen while the workers are doing the work. Ask for a copy of his or her insurance policy, including workers compensation insurance. Be wary of licensed contractors who ask for large down payments or ask for a check made out for them and/or another third party to pay the bill. Contractors who fail to have their workers’ compensation insurance listed on their business cards or have multiple people working without proper protection are definitely not “licensed contractors” and should be further investigated.

Ask for references, and specifically, contact former clients to find out how satisfied they are with the work done. It’s okay to speak with the contractor directly, but don’t hesitate to ask former clients for references. You want to be sure that you’re hiring a contractor who has a good track record and provides quality work. Don’t feel pressured to choose the first one you talk to; keep in mind that there are several different contractors out there and you may get some mixed reviews from different clients.

Get a quote from the potential contractor. Find out what his or her charges will be before you commit to a contract. Make sure you understand everything in the contract, including payment options and the length of the project. You’ll also need to know the timeline for completion, as well as whether or not you’ll need to provide your workers with a copy of the contract once the project is complete.

Hire the right contractor for your needs. Visit at least three potential candidates to discuss your project. Ask a lot of questions, especially about the years of experience they’ve had working in your field. Find out if you’re working with someone who’s licensed, bonded and insured. You want to make sure that he or she won’t take advantage of you or other residents by stealing tools, illegally altering work, or leaving equipment in place without asking.

The best advice for hiring a plumbing contractor is to hire someone who seems trustworthy and who provides quality work. If they have prior experience working in your field then that’s great. However, be sure to ask plenty of questions so that you’re sure you’re making the right decision when hiring a plumber. As long as you do your research and stay informed, you should be able to find the right professional plumbing contractor for your needs.

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